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Stuart Z. Koperweis, President
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Thank you Stuart! This sounds like a great plan.
So, this is another great partnership in the making for the City--the Mt. Prospect Partnership (MPP) and the City of Newark working together to keep the City clean, the residents proud and hopefully the businesses prosperous as well. Thanks Again for your work and your agency!
Michael E. Greene, Esq.
Assistant Business Administrator
City of Newark

"Working with MPPPS was a great experience.  Our committee is made up of a diverse group of individuals with divergent and sometimes competing interests.  When it comes to bringing public and private resources together, such as in an improvement district, Stuart Koperweis is not only very knowledgeable, he has the talent and temperament to create success.   I am confident he is capable to work with any group.“
Valerie Jackson
Director, Planning & Economic Development
City of Orange Township

"Stuart was the most honest and straight shooting outside State funded consultant retained by the City of Orange Township.  …In these harsh economic times, it is rare to find an outside consultant whose integrity and character is more important than preserving a revenue stream."  
Jeffrey S. Feld
L. Epstein Hardware Co. 

"Stuart's ability to to bring a large diverse group of business professionals, public sector officials and local residents together was uncanny.  Working with many different views and desires is a difficult process, but his expertise in executing strategies towards common goals for the good of all parties is a testament to his experience and professionalism.  The success we achieved in business community management could not have been accomplished without him."  
David Cassens
former Board Member, Chairman and acting Executive Director of the BSID

"I have had the pleasure of working with Stuart Koperweis on several projects and initiatives in Jersey City and Hudson County. These projects involve city and county agencies as well as private enterprises. Stuart is the master of making great things happen to the community's and stakeholders' benefit. He creates collaborations and synergies where there were none. With his guidance and expertise, we always have successful outcomes. I have also worked with him on coordinating and marketing the Downtown New Jersey meetings and annual conference. He is a proactive organizer and planner who brings the best people and resources together for the best results. I strongly recommend MPPPS Associates to handle your Improvement District needs and concerns, as well as any project that demands superior process management."
Eric M. Friedman
Dean, Community Education
HCCC, Jersey City

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